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What is the Best Time to Visit Singapore in 2023?

\Are you planning a trip to Singapore but unsure regarding the right time to visit? Then in this blog, we will mention the best time to visit Singapore and the special events you can enjoy during this period. So, let’s check. 

Singapore is north of the Equator and is close to the southern tip of (off-coast) the Malay Peninsula. Hence, Singapore faces a tropical climate throughout the year because of this location. The days remain sunny, and there is no particular season here. Moreover, the island nation receives frequent downpours; generally, the day temperature ranges from 31-35ºC and doesn’t go beyond it. Further, the night temperature ranges from 23-25ºC and doesn’t go lower than this. 

But the best part is, no matter which season or period you choose to visit Singapore, every traveller can find something happening throughout the year. Hence, this makes Singapore a year-round destination.

Further, you can also book a cruise with your Singapore trip. So, for the best vacationing experience in a luxurious manner, travellers can book Singapore Cruise Packages from Roaming Routes. With the cruise packages, you can enjoy a memorable vacation experience amidst the ocean. 

Best Time To Visit Singapore 2023

Below, we will provide month-wise details about the best season to visit Singapore. 

Summers In Singapore

The summers in Singapore peak during May and June, and the temperature can go as high as 35ºC. After these months, the temperature remains warm till the end of September. Also, there is high humidity during these periods, which makes it even hotter and uncomfortable. So if you are planning your holidays during these months, then ensure that you add indoor activities during your trip. 

Also, plan your outdoor activities and sightseeing during early morning or late evening. Indoor activities, beaches, retail festivals, etc., are a few of the activities that can make your Singapore trip memorable and pleasant. If you are unsure of what activities to participate in during the summer, then the Roaming Routes travel operators can help you customize an itinerary to make the summer season the best time to visit Singapore. 

Autumn In Singapore

The Autumn season in Singapore experiences a temperature range of 24 – 32°C. Although we should expect slight winter feels in the autumn season from October to November, the temperature remains in the low 30s and has a hot and humid climate. Moreover, November also marks the beginning of the wettest months in Singapore. 

So plan your outdoor activities in the morning to avoid the predictable downpours during the evening. During the autumn period, there are also several activities and events scheduled. So you can also take part in these festivities. 

Also, autumn can be the best time to visit Singapore if you plan a budget trip, as the tourist level is low. 

Winters In Singapore

Generally, the winters in Singapore range from December to February. However, there is a high chance of rainfall during these months because of the Northeast Monsoons. The temperature ranges from 28°C and 32°C, and the rains are unexpected. Hence, when visiting during this season, carry your raincoat/umbrella. 

Also, the city starts preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Also, there were many concerts, events, and other activities during this period. Hence, this is the best time to visit Singapore.

Spring In Singapore

Springtime is one of the pleasant periods, making it the best season to visit Singapore. This is the period when you can avoid excessive heat and rain. The spring months are March, April, and May, and they are also the dry months, making it the best month to visit Singapore. The days are warm with little humidity, and it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. During this period, the trumpet trees bear pink blossoms, making the city lively and beautifying the roads. 

Best Month to Visit Singapore 

The best month to visit Singapore is from November to January and then June and July. This is the peak tourist season and one can witness Singapore at its best. These months have various festivities and events too. Being the peak tourist season, travellers should expect high prices for accommodations and flights. During November-December, there can be rainfall. Also, during June-July, the crowd levels could be more due to the Great Singapore Sale. Always carry an umbrella, water bottle, and apply sunscreen. 

Best Season to Visit Singapore from India 

The best season is the Spring season, during the months of March, April, and May. The temperature remains warm and dry and it is pleasant. 

The Best Time To Visit Singapore For Shopping

If you love shopping, then the ideal period to plan your vacation is from June to August. The Great Singapore Sale is during this period, and you can get great deals. Shoppers can shop from the malls and various plazas of Singapore. Also, you can visit Orchard Road, Chinatown, Haji Lane, and Little India for a great shopping experience and buy affordable souvenirs. 

The best part of street shopping in Singapore is enjoying delicious street food too! So, you can consider booking your Singapore tour package during this period.

The Best Time To Visit Singapore For Honeymoon

The best month to visit for a honeymoon is from February to April. So during these months, the climate is pleasant, and couples can enjoy outdoor activities, visit beaches, go shopping, and more. 

Book Singapore Cruise Packages from Roaming Routes 

Singapore cruise packages are one of the best and most popular ways to explore Singapore. Roaming Routes offers the best cruise packages that offer the ideal blend of Singapore sightseeing and also a memorable sailing experience. Depending on the availability, Roaming Routes will help you book a famous cruise line where you will enjoy your days amidst the ocean, far away from the city chaos. Reach out to Roaming Routes to know more about their cruise packages. 

Why Book Singapore Packages From Roaming Routes? 

Roaming Routes is one of the most trusted tour operators specializing in offering customized vacation packages for both international and domestic locations in India. One should book their trip with Roaming Routes because:

  • The team has over 9+ years of experience in helping people plan a memorable vacation. 
  • Roaming Routes specializes in honeymoon tours, family vacation packages, business tours, group tours, and more. 
  • The Travel Now Pay Later option by Roaming Routes lets you cover your travel expenses in easy instalments.
  • The team is always easy to reach and there is no hidden cost when you book your travel with them. 
  • Roaming Routes has partnered with some of the reputable hotel chains globally, which ensures a comfortable and luxurious stay.


The best time to visit Singapore is depending on your preferences. Avoid the rainy months and the peak summer season. The Singapore Cruise package is one of the best ways to plan a memorable vacation with numerous onboard activities, events, and experiences. So, share your travel plans with Roaming Routes and have a memorable trip to Singapore. 



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